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Audrey Amrein-Beardsley

Acquired Wisdom Series featured essay

New! Some Sage Suggestions, by Bernard Weiner

Acquired Wisdom: a series to preserve and transmit the knowledge and skills of distinguished educational researchers. Read More

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Past Essays

Sweller, The Story of A Research Program

Gee, Ramblings of an Old Academic

Tobias, No Panacea Garden

Berliner, An Unanticipated Successful Career

Sternberg, Wisdom Applied

Lesgold, It Takes a Village of Mentors

Andrews, Retrospective of a Career

Merrill, A 50+ Year Search

Taylor, It Takes Two

Nieto, On Reconciling Divergent Ideas

Erickson, Some Lessons Learned

Snow, Doubling Down on Serendipity

 Knapp, Building Bridges 


recent book reviews

Review of The testing charade: Pretending to make schools better
Audrey Amrein-Beardsley

Review of Bridging the gaps: College pathways to career success
Brian M. DeLoach

Review of Cradle to kindergarten: A new plan to combat inequality
Carla A. Rhoades

Review of Sage on the screen: Education, media, and how we learn
Jason D. DeHart

Review of What do you think, Mr. Ramirez? The American revolution in education
Connie Schaffer

Review of The leading edge of early childhood education: Linking science to policy for a new generation
Tobi Adegbuyi

Review of The translanguaging classroom: Leveraging student bilingualism for learning
Rachel K. Gilbert

Review of New perspectives on translanguaging and education
Delis Cuellar

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