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featured book review [English] 

Review of Race among friends: Exploring race at a suburban school

Steven Drouin

Acquired Wisdom Series featured essay

It Takes Two

Henry L. Taylor

Acquired Wisdom: a publication series to preserve and transmit the knowledge and skills of distinguished educational researchers. Read More

Editors: S. Tobias, J. D. Fletcher, D. C. Berliner

Past Essays

Gee, Ramblings of an Old Academic

Sweller, The Story of A Research Program

Tobias, No Panacea Garden

Berliner, An Unanticipated Successful Career

Sternberg, Wisdom applied

Lesgold, It Takes a Village of Mentors

Andrews, Retrospective of a career in the Defense Department

Merrill, A 50+ Year Search for Effective, Efficient and Engaging Instruction


recent book reviews

Review of Race among friends: Exploring race at a suburban school
Steven Drouin

Review of Building relationships, yielding results: How superintendents can work with school boards to create productive teams
Eric Jabal

Review of Successful school leadership: International perspectives
Lena Batt

Review of Teaching history then and now: A story of stability and change in schools
Linda Kantor Swerdlow

Review of The mindful education workbook: Lessons for teaching mindfulness to students
Lisa Gilbert

Review of Why knowledge matters: Rescuing our children from failed educational theories
Kevin Currie-Knight

Review of Weapons of math destruction: How big data increases inequality and threatens democracy
Francis Schrag

Reseña de Construcción de espacios interculturales en la formación docente: Competencia comunicativa intercultural, cultura regional y TIC
Inmaculada García-Martínez

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