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NEW! Postscript to No Panacea Garden

Sigmund Tobias

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Tobias, No Panacea Garden

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recent book reviews

Kadijevich, D. M., Angeli, C., & Schulte, C. (Eds.) (2013). Improving computer science education. New York, NY: Routledge.
Jose Victor Lineros

Review of Failing our brightest kids: The global challenge of educating high-ability students
Christopher Jason Paul Sewell

Review of Globalizing knowledge: Intellectuals, universities, and publics in transformation
Mark J. Oromaner

Review of Learning from counternarratives in Teach for America: Moving from idealism towards hope
Ryan Kapa

Review of Shifting the kaleidoscope: Returned Peace Corps volunteer educators’ insights on culture shock, identity & pedagogy
Maya Satlykgylyjova

Review of How drama activates learning: Contemporary research and practice
Dennis J. Kirchen

Make It Stick: The science of successful learning
Sheri Lynn Warren

Review of Abriendo puertas, cerrando heridas (Opening doors, closing wounds): Latinas/os finding work-life balance in academia
Elizabeth A. Daniele

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