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Acquired Wisdom Series featured essay

It Takes a Village of Mentors

Alan Lesgold

Acquired Wisdom Series: a publication to preserve and transmit the knowledge and skills of distinguished educational researchers. Read More

Editors: S. Tobias, J. D. Fletcher, D. C. Berliner

Past Essays

Gee, Ramblings of an Old Academic

Sweller, The Story of A Research Program

Tobias, No Panacea Garden

Berliner, An Unanticipated Successful Career

Sternberg, Wisdom applied


recent book reviews

Capital, power, and education: “Dark Money” and the politics of common-sense. A critical essay review of Jane Mayer’s Dark Money: The hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the Radical Right
Eleni Schirmer, Michael W. Apple

Review of A good investment? Philanthropy and the marketing of race in an urban public school
Maiyoua Vang

Review of Despite the best intentions: How racial inequality thrives in good schools
Steven D. Drouin

Review of Resisting reform: Reclaiming public education through grassroots activism
Andrene Castro

Review of An activist handbook for the education revolution: United Opt Out's test of courage
Mark Nagasawa

Review of More than a score: The new uprising against high-stakes testing
Audrey A. Fisch

Review of Rethinking value-added models in education: Critical perspectives on tests and assessment-based accountability
Natalia L. Guzman

Review of Globalizing knowledge: Intellectuals, universities, and publics in transformation
Mark J. Oromaner

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