Review of The leading edge of early childhood education: Linking science to policy for a new generation

Tobi Adegbuyi

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Gilliam, W. S., Maupin, A. N., Reyes, C. R., Accavitti, M., & Shic, F. (2016). Do early educators’ implicit biases regarding sex and race relate to behavior expectations and recommendations of preschool expulsions and suspensions? Yale University Child Study Center,

Stevens, K. B. (2015) Renewing Childhood’s Promise: The History and Future of Federal Early Care and Education Policy. American Enterprise Institute.


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The Leading Edge of Early Childhood Education: Linking Science to Policy for a New Generation

Editor: Nonie K. Lesaux
Editor: Stephanie M. Jones
Abstract: The Leading Edge of Early Childhood Education aims to support the effort to simultaneously scale up and improve the quality of early childhood education by bringing together relevant insights from emerging research to provide guidance for this critical, fledgling field. It reflects the growing recognition that early childhood experiences have a powerful effect on children’s later academic achievement and long-term life outcomes.
Editors Nonie K. Lesaux and Stephanie M. Jones bring together an impressive array of scholarly contributors. Topics include:
· creating learning environments that support children’s cognitive and emotional development;
· identifying and addressing early risk factors;
· using data to guide educators’ practice; and
· capitalizing on the use of technology.
Publisher: Harvard Education Press
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