Review of News literacy: Helping students and teachers decode fake news

Katherine Pivoda

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Grynbaum, M. M., & Williamson, E. (2018, November 8). Trump administration uses misleading video to justify barring of CNN’s Jim Acosta. The New York Times. Retrieved from:


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News Literacy: Helping Students and Teachers Decode Fake News

Author: Robert W. Janke
Author: Bruce S. Cooper
Abstract: Our society faces international challenges from cyber attacks and dissemination of fake news with a goal to destabilize our society. Fake news can be used as a weapon with destructive effects as powerful as any military attack. Fake news can spread as fast as a wildfire carried on the winds of social media. Students and all citizens need to be prepared and informed of ways to quickly understand and distinguish real and fake news. Preventing the potential destructive effects of fake news is the purpose of this book. The focus is upon providing a resource for educators to develop “news literacy” skills of students in objectively evaluating the news.
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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