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Shared Governance in Higher Education, Volume 2: New Paradigms, Evolving Perspectives

Editor: Sharon F. Cramer
Date: 11/21/17
Language: English
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Abstract: Building on the resources offered in the first volume of this series, this second volume offers governance members, leaders, and other academics valuable insights into the governance process in higher education. In a chapter drawn from his keynote address at the March 2015 SUNY Voices conference, Steven Bahls, president of Augustana College, provides a critical study of institutions of higher education. Nine additional chapters offer a thorough analysis of academic processes that are usually hidden from view, including development of a sexual assault policy, faculty review of administrators, and successful use of task forces. Contributors describe subtle considerations and compromises, which effective governance leaders can incorporate into collaborations leading to effective outcomes. Readers of this volume will better understand how to avoid pitfalls of their own, as contributors illustrate hard-earned wisdom and lessons learned. Practical insights and guidelines on leadership development, budget development involving governance leaders, and mentoring are provided. This volume will provide readers— faculty, staff, students, and administrators—with the pragmatic resources they need to recognize and resolve governance challenges on their own campuses.
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Publisher: SUNY Press
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ISBN: 978-1438467436
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Number of Pages: 247