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Leading Against the Grain Lessons for Creating Just and Equitable Schools

Editor: Jeffrey S. Brooks
Editor: Anthony H. Normore
Date: 12/28/17
Language: English
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Abstract: What new ideas and ways of thinking can educational leaders learn from great world leaders who have moved their societies to greater equity and expanded educational opportunity? In this lively, accessible volume, the editors have brought together an impressive group of senior and early-career educational scholars to study the lives and contributions of a wide range of outstanding historical and contemporary leaders from the United States and across the globe. This rich collection of brief biographical commentaries profiles leaders like Wangari Mathaai, John Tippeconic III, Fannie Lou Hamer, Saul Alinsky, Antonia Pantoja, Jimmy Carter, Golda Meir, Sun Yat Sen, José Rizal, and Jesus Christ. Each profile focuses on a single individual and includes (1) an introduction and biographical sketch, (2) a discussion of their context and activities as a leader, (3) a list of the key lessons we can learn from their leadership, and (4) an explanation of how these lessons are relevant for today. This unique collection bridges cultures, professions, and callings to help American education leaders create more just and equitable schools.
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Publisher: Teachers College Press
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ISBN: 9780807758717
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Number of Pages: 176