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Literacy and Democracy in South African Primary Schools

Author: Getahun Yacob Abraham
Author: Mary Alice Barksdale
Date: 4/2/2018
Language: English
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Abstract: Literacy and Democracy in South African Primary Schools presents findings based on two research projects conducted in South African primary schools during the same time frame. Working from the South African Foundation Phase curriculum that was introduced in 2009, the first project focused on the introduction of leadership qualities and the election of classroom representatives in 3rd grade classes in four elementary schools. The other introduced process-based writing to teachers and researched the process and products of children’s stories. The book describes research experiences from the field, provides a brief overview of the history of the South African education system, and looks ahead to the future transformation of global educational systems.
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Publisher: Lexington Books
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ISBN: 978-1498561457
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Number of Pages: 198