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The Growing OutofSchool Time Field: Past, Present, and Future

Editor: Helen Janc Malone
Editor: Tara Donahue
Date: October 1, 2017
Language: English
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Abstract: Leading OST experts explore latest knowledge, intentionally bridging research and practice, and propose new areas of inquiry within each of the following six sections: OST as a vehicle for young people’s development; socio-cultural dimensions of OST; professional development within OST; research- and evaluation-informed field; OST advocacy; and future directions for the OST field. The OST field has grown considerably over the last two decades. Today, we have the frameworks, practice- and research-based knowledge and tools, and burgeoning paths to advance the field across multiple dimensions: demographic, stakeholder groups, contexts, systems and sectors, and disciplines. The hallmark of the OST field has been the ability to remain agile and adaptable to change in a way that complements the field and supports all children and young people in diverse ways. This anthology is designed to be a platform for research-practice discussions and future directions that could further grow, sustain, and improve the field. We hope this book inspires both reflections and conversations on the OST field.
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