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Distrust and Educational Change: Overcoming Barriers to Just and Lasting Reform

Author: Katherine Schultz
Date: March 19, 2019
Language: English
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Abstract: Through a set of illustrative stories, Schultz analyzes the role of distrust in the failure of educational change and transformation. By creating a taxonomy that includes three kinds of distrust—relational, structural, and contextual—she suggests ways to analyze, understand, and discuss the impact of distrust on schools, districts, and large-scale educational processes. She concludes by offering concrete recommendations for addressing distrust in classrooms, schools, and districts; discusses the roles played by teachers, principals, parents, and students in building trust; and points to schools and programs where distrust has been acknowledged and repaired successfully. By creating spaces that honor human dignity, Schultz argues, it is possible to replace a culture of systemic distrust built over time.
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Publisher: Harvard Education Press
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