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The Mindful Schools Curriculum for Adolescents: Tools for Developing Awareness

Author: Oren Jay Sofer
Author: Matthew Brensilver
Date: September 3, 2019
Language: English
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Abstract: Arguably, no student population stands to gain more from mindfulness practice― with its power to enhance emotion regulation, attention stability, and self- awareness― than students between the ages of thirteen and twenty. In this comprehensive curriculum developed at Mindful Schools, Oren Jay Sofer and Matthew Brensilver provide  twentyfive brief (twenty- to- thirty- minute) lessons that supply a framework for mindfulness instruction that can be expanded or condensed according to the needs of students. Each lesson includes a “science supplement” with research findings relevant to the practice, and handouts summarizing key aspects of the lesson that can be distributed to students.
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Publisher: W.W. Norton
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