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Working with Students Who Have Anxiety

Author: Beverley J. Johns
Author: Donalyn Heise
Author: Adrienne D. Hunter
Date: July 18, 2019
Language: English
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Abstract: As the number of students with anxiety increases in schools and classrooms, this book serves as the go-to guide for teachers and educators who strive to provide a welcoming environment conducive to students’ learning. Working with Students Who Have Anxiety provides an accessible understanding of anxiety in its various forms, how anxiety impacts academic and social skills, and what teachers can do to create a positive climate. An exciting new resource for teachers, special educators, art specialists, and school counselors, this book covers the causes, signs, and symptoms of anxiety; includes academic, behavioral, and art-based interventions; and explores ethical and legal issues relating to students with anxiety. 
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Publisher: Routledge
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