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The New Student Activists: The Rise of Neoactivism on College Campuses

Author: Jerusha O. Conner
Date: February 18, 2020
Language: English
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Abstract: Jerusha O. Conner offers insight into who these student activists are―the causes they care about, the strategies they deploy, the factors that motivate and sustain them, and the impact they have had on their campuses and beyond. Conner dubs today's student activists "neoactivists," who borrow from and build on the legacies of past generations of college student activists. Exploring when, how, and why this diverse group of students turned to activism, Conner examines the social and educational influences on their sociopolitical development. She also reveals the fraught but mutually transformative relationship between institutions of higher education and student activists in the contemporary moment.
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Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
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