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Talking Back: Senior Scholars and Their Colleagues Deliberate the Past, Present, and Future of Writing Studies

Editor: Norbert Elliot
Editor: Alice S. Horning
Date: May 2020
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In Talking Back, a veritable Who's Who of writing studies scholars deliberate on intellectual traditions, current practices, and important directions for the future. In response, junior and mid-career scholars reflect on each chapter with thoughtful and measured moves forward into the contemporary environment of research, teaching, and service. Each of the prestigious chapter authors in the volume has three traits in common: a sense of responsibility for advancing the profession, a passion for programs of research dedicated to advancing opportunities for others, and a reflective sense of their work accompanied by humility for their contributions. As a documentary, Talking Back is the first history of writing studies in autobiography.

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Publisher: Utah State University Press
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ISBN: 978-1-60732-975-6
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