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The Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership: The Power of a Networked Improvement Community to Transform Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation ... Educators

Editor: W. Gary Martin
Editor: Brian R. Lawler
Editor: Alyson E. Lischka
Editor: Wendy M. Smith
Date: March 1, 2020
Language: English
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This book provides an overview of a body of work conducted over the past seven years related to the preparation of secondary mathematics teachers by the Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (MTE-Partnership), a national consortium of more than 90 universities and 100 school systems. The MTE-Partnership is organized as a Networked Improvement Community (NIC), which combines the disciplined inquiry of improvement science with the power of networking to accelerate improvement by engaging a broad set of participants. 

The book describes promising approaches to improving aspects of secondary mathematics teacher preparation developed by the Research Action Clusters, including specific products that have been developed, which will inform the work of others involved in secondary mathematics teacher preparation. In addition, reflections on the use of the NIC model provides insights for others considering this research design. Particular references to the Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics (Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, 2017) are included throughout the book.

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