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Clinically Based Teacher Education in Action: Cases from Professional Development Schools

Editor: Eva Garin
Editor: Rebecca West Burns
Date: April 1, 2020
Language: English
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Abstract: For the last thirty years, educators have been fascinated yet puzzled with how to build professional development schools (PDS). Clinically Based Teacher Education in Action: Cases from PDSs addresses that perplexity by providing images of the possible in school-university collaboration. Each chapter closely examines one of the NAPDS Nine Essentials and then provides three cases from PDSs that target that particular essential. In this way, readers can see how different PDSs from across the globe are innovating to actualize that essential in PDS development. The editors provide commentary, addressing themes across the three cases. Each chapter ends with questions to start collaborative conversations and a field-based activity meant to propel your PDS work forward.
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Publisher: Information Age
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