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Suspended: Punishment, Violence, and the Failure of School Safety

Author: Charles Bell
Date: November 2, 2021
Language: English
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Abstract: Focusing on schools in inner-city and suburban Detroit, Charles Bell draws on 160 in-depth interviews with Black high school students, their parents, and their teachers to illuminate the negative outcomes that are associated with out-of-school suspension. Bell also sheds light on the inherent shortcomings of school safety measures as he describes how schools fail to protect Black students, which leaves them vulnerable to bullying and victimization. The students he interviews offer detailed insight into how the lack of protection they received in school intensified their fear of being harmed and even motivated them to use violence to establish a reputation that discouraged attacks. Collectively, their narratives reveal how receiving a suspension for fighting in school earned them respect, popularity, and a reputation for toughness―transforming school punishment into a powerful status symbol that destabilizes classrooms.
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Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
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