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Teaching Improvement Science in Educational Leadership: A Pedagogical Guide

Editor: Dean T. Spaulding
Editor: Robert Crow
Editor: Brandi Nicole Hinnant-Crawford
Date: March 2021
Language: English
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Abstract: pedagogies from a variety of viewpoints and approaches. The book provides a holistic picture for how one might develop stakeholder competency and capacity with improvement science as a signature problem-solving methodology for educational leaders. And while there are books that provide foundational knowledge on the field of improvement science, this book differs in that it presents varying approaches for teaching others about improvement science. For those who want to develop the methodology but who need resources, the book provides the illustrations, examples, and other concrete applications so that those involved in teaching the subject matter can connect foundational knowledge of improvement to the applied context. This book serves as the guide for education leaders who wish to have the know-how for developing the knowledge, skills and dispositions relative to the field of improvement science—the education leader’s signature problem-solving methodology.
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Publisher: Myers Education Press
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