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We Be Lovin’ Black Children: Learning to Be Literate About the African Diaspora

Editor: Gloria Swindler Boutte
Editor: Joyce Elaine King
Editor: George Lee Johnson, Jr.
Editor: LaGarrett J. King
Date: March 2021
Language: English
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Abstract: We Be Lovin' Black Children is a pro-Black book. Pro-Black does not mean anti-white or anti anything else. It means that this little book is about what we must do to ensure that Black children across the world are loved, safe, and that their souls and spirits are healed from the ongoing damage of living in a world where white supremacy flourishes. It offers strategies and activities that families, communities, social organizations, and others can use to unapologetically love Black children. This book will facilitate Black children's cultural and academic excellence.
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Publisher: Myers Education Press
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