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Teaching for Educational Equity: Case Studies for Professional Development and Principal Preparation (Volume 2)

Author: Jane A. Beese
Author: Jennifer L. Martin
Date: 8/16/17
Language: English
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Abstract: Teachers and school leaders are confronted by various issues pertaining to social justice every day. This volume will help school leaders to handle these issues ethically, and is intended to be used by administrators for the professional development of teachers, teacher leaders, and aspiring principals. This volume can be also be used in the higher education classroom in order to prepare current and aspiring administrators to lead for social justice. This volume utilizes the case study approach, which has been found to “sharpen problem-solving skills and to improve the ability to think and reason rigorously” (Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2013). 
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Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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ISBN: 978-1475821918
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Number of Pages: 186