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Inheriting Possibility: Social Reproduction and Quantification in Education

Author: Ezekiel J. Dixon-Roman
Date: August 1, 2017
Language: English
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How has the dominant social scientific paradigm limited our understanding of the impact of inherited economic resources, social privilege, and sociocultural practices on multigenerational inequality? In what ways might multiple forces of social difference haunt quantitative measurements of ability such as the SAT? Building on new materialist philosophy, Inheriting Possibility rethinks methods of quantification and theories of social reproduction in education, demonstrating that test performance results and parenting practices convey the impact of materially and historically contingent patterns of differential possibility. Through innovative analyses of empirical data and cultural artifacts, author Dixon-Román boldly reconsiders how we conceptualize the processes of inheritance and approach social inquiry in order to profoundly sharpen understanding and address the reproducing forc reproduced. es of inequality.

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Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
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