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Using Digital Humanities in the Classroom: A Practical Introduction for Teachers, Lecturers, and Students

Author: Claire Battershill
Author: Shawna Ross
Date: October 5, 2017
Language: English
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Rooted in the day-to-day experience of teaching and written for those without specialist technical knowledge, this book is the first practical guide to using digital tools and resources in the humanities classroom. Using Digital Humanities in the Classroom covers such topics as: overcoming resistance to technology, finding, evaluating and using digital resources, designing syllabi and planning classroom activities and assignments, solving problems when technology goes wrong, using digital tools for collaborative projects, course work and theses, and enhancing your teaching by finding support communities and connecting to your research.

Taking a step-by-step approach to incorporating digital humanities tools into your teaching, the book is also supported by a companion website, including tutorials, sample classroom activity prompts and assignments, and a bibliographic essay for each book chapter.

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