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Doing PDS: Stories and Strategies from Successful Clinically Rich Practice

Editor: Keli Garas-York
Editor: Pixita del Prado Hill
Editor: Leslie K. Day
Editor: Kim Truesdell
Editor: Susan Kellers-Mathers
Date: November 1, 2017
Language: English
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Abstract: SUNY Buffalo State is a unique urban comprehensive liberal arts public institution serving a large number of first generation college students. One flagship program at the college is the Professional Development Schools (PDS) consortium. Beginning in 1991 with one partner school, the SUNY Buffalo State PDS consortium now partners with approximately 45 schools locally, in Western New York, New York City, and across five continents. This book seeks to share the skills, knowledge, and examples of evidence-based practice of this innovative program to offer readers ideas for how teacher education and professional development might be re-conceptualized and re-energized.
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