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Mastering Primary Science

Author: Amanda McCrory
Author: Kenna Worthington
Date: February 22, 2018
Language: English
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Mastering Primary Science introduces the primary science curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make science learning irresistible.

Topics covered include:
· Current developments in primary science
· Science as an irresistible activity 
· Science as a practical activity 
· Skills to develop in science
· Promoting curiosity 
· Assessing children in science
· Practical issues

This guide includes examples of children's work, case studies, readings to reflect upon and reflective questions that all help to exemplify what is considered to be best and most innovative practice. The book draws on the experience of two leading professionals in primary science, Amanda McCrory and Kenna Worthington, to provide the essential guide to teaching science for all trainee and qualified primary teachers.

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Publisher: Bloomsbury
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