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International Perspectives in Higher Education: Balancing Access, Equity, and Cost

Editor: Jason D. Delisle
Editor: Alex Usher
Date: 2019
Language: English
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International Perspectives in Higher Education offers a balanced perspective on how different countries approach key policies and what the United States can learn from those programs. Jason D. Delisle and Alex Usher have gathered a diverse group of experts to examine systems across the globe with a focus on the trade-offs between access, cost, and quality. The book explores a set of cross-cutting global topics such as free tuition, restricted versus unrestricted access, and the structure of student loans, drawing out the similarities and differences across countries. It also provides single-country case studies from Chile, Australia, and Brazil, paying close attention to the context in which specific reforms arose and the unintended consequences of implementation. Too often, programs found in other countries are presented as silver-bullet solutions to be lifted from one country and grafted on to the US system. This book, however, advocates for a careful examination of the strategies other countries are enacting—the political, historical, and demographic context, as well as the trade-offs among different outcomes—before deciding whether they would work here.

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Publisher: Harvard Education Press
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