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Clark, J. Spencer, Utah State University (United States)
Clark, Ruth (United States)
Clark-Chiarelli, Nancy
Claverie, Julieta A., CEDES, Argentina
Clayton, Jacklyn B
Cleaveland, Lisa B.
Clement, Mary C
Clevenger, Aaron D., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (United States)
Clifford, Tim
Cline, Starr
Cloud, Nancy
Cloud, Robert C
Clyde, Jean Anne
Coates, Grace Grace
Codding, Judy B.
Cody, Anthony, Network for Public Education (United States)
Coelho, Carina, Programa Mundusfor
Cogan, John J
Coggins, Debra
Cohen, Cynthia, Institute of Technology (United States)
Coil, Carolyn
Colamery, S.N
Colby, Anne
Cole, Ardith Davis
Cole, Mike
Coleman, Linda, Purdue University
College Entrance, Examination Board
Collins, Kathy
Collison, George
Columba, Lynn

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