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recent book reviews

Review of Cutting school: Privatization, segregation, and the end of public education
Diane Ravitch

Review of Youth media matters: Participatory cultures and literacies in education
Jason D. DeHart

Review of Finding political identities: Young people in a changing Europe
Marta Estellés

Review of A field book for higher education leaders: Improving your leadership intelligence
Russell S. Thacker

Review of Memory, transitional justice, and theatre in Postdictatorship Argentina
Lorena Verzero

Review of Class in the composition classroom: Pedagogy and the working class
Shenai Alonge-Moore

Review of Carpetbagging America’s public schools: The radical reconstruction of public education
Dane Stickney

Review of Listening to the voices of boys: Exploring the motivation of primary boys to engage in reading
Stefanie B. Copp

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