Review of Teach truth to power: How to engage in education policy



Author Biographies

Abayomi S. Abodunrin, Miami University

Abayomi S. Abodunrin is a doctoral student and research assistant in educational leadership, culture, and curriculum at Miami University, where he is exploring the relationships between research, policy, and practice. Prior to his current role, Abayomi served as a public-school math teacher for almost a decade. In addition to his academic pursuits, Abayomi has also been active in student government having served as the Graduate Student Association Vice President at Miami University for a year. Abayomi is a Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievements Alumni having completed the program in 2018.


Joel R. Malin, Miami University

Joel R. Malin is an associate professor and serves as Director of Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership at Miami University. He is interested in understanding and strengthening the connections between research, policy, and practice. With Chris Brown, he has authored two recent edited volumes, The Role of Knowledge Brokers in Education (Routledge, 2020) and The Emerald Handbook of Evidence-Informed Practice in Education (Emerald, 2022). 



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