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Essay Reviews

Essay Review of Jean Anyon's Theory and Educational Research: Toward Critical Social Explanation
Joseph A. Maxwell
An Essay review of Expanding Comprehension with Multigenre Text Sets .
Maria Nichols
Banks’s International Companion to Multicultural Education: An Essay Review. Review of James A. Banks (Ed.) (2009). The Routledge International Companion to Multicultural Education. NY: Routledge. Vol. 13 No. 1
Elsie M. Szecsy
Alternatives to Functional Behavior Assessments as "Educational Autopsies": An Essay Review. Vol. 13 No. 2
Caven S. Mcloughlin, Robert J. Kubick
Celebrating a successful and practical contribution to the theory of intelligence: An essay review. Vol. 13 No. 3
Keith S. Taber
Critial Assessment of Popkewitz's Cosmopolitanism and the Age of School Reform: An Essay Review. Vol. 13 No. 4
Hannah Spector
Caught Between Hope and Despair: An Essay Review. Review of Grant, Gerald. (2009). Hope and Despair in the American City: Why There Are No Bad Schools in Raleigh. Vol. 13 No. 5
Jim Horn
The Death and Life of Market-Based reform: An Essay Review. Review of The Death and Life of the Great American School System by Diane Ravitch. NY: Basic Books. Vol. 13 No. 6
Sherman Dorn
Anarchism and Education in the Academy: An Essay Review. Review of Amster, Randall; DeLeon, Abraham; Fernandez, Luis A.; Nocella, Anthony J. & Shannon, Deric. (Eds.) (2009). Contemporary Anarchist Studies. London: Routledge. V
Cory D. Maley
Constructivism and Direct Instruction as Competing Instructional Paradigms: An Essay Review of Tobias and Duffy's Constructivist Instruction: Success or Failure? NY: Routledge. Vol. 13 No. 8
Keith S. Taber
Completing College: An Essay Review. Review of Crossing the Finish Line: Completing College at America's Public Universities. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Vol. 13 No. 9
Lynette O'Keefe
On Uncertainty, Doubt, Responsibility, and Perpetual Journeys: An Essay Review of Two Books by Ole Skovsmose. Vol. 13 No. 10
Peter Appelbaum
Everything You Want to Know About District-wide, Small School Reform: An Essay Review of Against the Odds. Review of Against the Odds: Insights from One District's Small School Reform. Harvard Education Press.
Patrick J. McQuillan
Whither Standards in the Professional Project? An Essay Review of Visions for Teacher Educators. Vol. 13 No. 12
Patrick M. Jenlink
Coming Up for Air: But is it Oxygen or Phlogiston? A Response to Taber's Review of Constructivist Instruction: Success or Failure? Vol. 13 No. 13
David Klahr
How Qualitative Research Works: An Essay Review. Review of Robert E. Stake (2010) Qualitative Research: Studying How Things Work. Vol. 13 No. 14
Arnold Danzig
Questioning the American Dream: An Essay Review of John Marsh's Class Dismissed. Vol. 16 No. 3
Curry Malott
Formar docentes: Miradas desde la Escuela Normal Superior de Jalisco y otros contextos educativos.
Adriana Piedad García Herrera
Modelos educativos en el IPN y el ITESM: Las competencias profesionales en la educación superior.
Carlos Ornelas
Viaje apasionado por las escuelas de Cantabria: Prólogo de Agustín Escolano Benito.
Alberto Luis Gómez, Jesús Romero Morante
Cuando Las Luces Lloran: Relatos y Experiencias de Niños Talentosos.
Maximiliano E. Korstanje
La construcción profesional: Experiencias autoformativas
Marcelo Hernández Santos
Por una pedagogía de la pregunta.
Marina Aparicio Barberán
Literatura Infantil na Escola: A leitura na sala de aula.
Enilda Fernandes
Clássicos da Educação no Brasil.
Maria de Lourdes da Silva, Samara Santos Bastos, Gisele dos Santos Oliveira
Narraciones de maestros.
Consuelo Morán Astorga
Las Investigaciones sobre la Enseñanza de las Lenguas Extranjeras en México: Una Segunda Mirada.
Manuel Villa Ramos, Aida Rebeca Ramirez Huerta
La justicia curricular. El caballo de Troya de la cultura escolar.
Xosefa Eva Espido Bello
Enseñar es un trabajo. Construcción y cambio de la identidad laboral docente.
Claudio Núñez
Educación y discriminación de género: El sexismo en la escuela primaria, un estudio de caso en Ciudad Juárez.
Esther Célica Cánovas Marmo
He jugado con lobos.
Ramón Juan Jiménez Vicioso
Artes y educación: Fundamentos de pedagogía mesoaxiológica.
Ramón Mínguez Vallejos
La escuela sin funciones. Crítica de la sociología de la educación crítica.
Raimundo Cuesta
La idea de la justicia.
Carlos Riádigos Mosquera
Conselhos municipais de meio ambiente no Brasil: Estado da arte, gestão e educação ambiental.
Elza Neffa
La autonomía universitaria a debate. Una visión desde América Latina.
Jon Olaskoaga Larrauri
Contextualización de los centros educativos en su entorno.
José Luis García González
Tecnologias na Formação e na Gestão Escolar.
João Batista Bottentuit Junior
Educação comparada: Rotas de além mar.
Susana Vilas Boas
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Review of Critical Pedagogies of Consumption: Living and Learning in the Shadow of the "Shopocalypse"
Quentin Wheeler-Bell

Brief Reviews

Month-by-Month Trait-Based Writing Instruction: Grades K-2.
Maria P. Walther, Katherine A. Phillips
Using Equity Audits to Create Equitable and Excellent Schools .
Linda Skrla, Kathryn Bell McKenzie, James Joseph cheurich
Globalization of Education: An Introduction.
Joel Spring
Metaphors & Analogies: Power Tools for Teaching Any Subject .
Rick Wormeli
How Lincoln Learned to Read: Twelve Great Americans and the Educations That Made Them.
Daniel Wolff
Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities .
J. D. Smith, E. Wenger, N. White
Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know (6th Edition).
W. James Popham
Teaching Writing Online: How and Why.
Scott Warnock
What Student Writing Teaches Us; Formative Assessment in the Writing Workshop.
Mark Overmeyer
The School Leaders Our Children Deserve: Seven Keys to Equity, Social Justice, and School Reform.
George Theoharis
Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America's Schools Back to Reality.
Charles Murray
Rewired: Understanding the igeneration and the Way They Learn.
Larry Rosen
The Unchosen Me: Race, Gender, and Identity Among Black Women in College .
Rachelle Winkle - Wagner
Promising Practices for Family and Community Involvement during High School .
Lee Shumow
My Years in High School: How to Keep Your Sanity While Teaching Hig h School .
Marcos W. Puga
Power Up: A Practical Student's Guide to Online Learni ng .
Catrina Poe, Carrie Spagnola - Doyle, Stacy Barrett
Easy & Effective Writing Lessons for English Language Learners: Scaffolded Writing Assignments that Help ELLs Succeed in the Mainstream Classroom.
Marilyn Bogusch Pryle
Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility.
Eric Liu, Scott Noppe-Brandon
Purposeful Conferences, Powerful Writing!: Strategies, Tips, and Teacher - Student Dialogues for Helping Kids Improve Their Writing .
Marilyn Preyle
Building the R e ading Brain, PreK - 3 (2nd ed.).
P. Nevills, P. Wolfe
A Com prehensive RTI Model: Integrating Behavioral and Academic Interventions.
Cara Shores
The Unchosen Me: Race, Gender, and Identity Among Black Women in College .
Rachelle Winkle-Wagner
Interactive Think-Aloud Lessons.
Lori Oczkus
Review of VanOverbeke's The standardization of American schooling: Linking secondary and higher education, 1870-1910
Benjamin A. Johnson
Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation Is Changing Your World.
Don Tapscott
Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, not Bombs, in Afgha nistan and Pakistan.
Greg Mortenson
Literacy and Power.
Hillary Janks
Interactive Comprehens ion Strategies: Fostering Meaningful Talk About Text .
Frank Sarafini
Teach like a Champion: 49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College.
Doug Lemov
The Gates Unbarred: A History of University Extension at Harvard, 1910 - 2009.
Michael Shinagel
The Creative Community College: Leading Change Through Innovation.
John, E. Roueche, M. Melissa Richardson, Phillip W. Neal, Suanne, D. Roueche
Breakthroughs in Literacy: Teacher Success Stories and Strategies, Grades K-8.
Susan E. Israel
Medication Fact Sheets: A Behavioral Medication Reference for Educators (3rd ed.).
Dean E. Konopasek
Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of Us.
Mike Rose
Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media .
M. Ito
Strong Start: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum .
K. Merrell, S. Whitcomb, D. Parisi
21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times.
Charles Fadel, Bernie Trilling
The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children. 2 nd edition.
Gloria Ladson - Billings
Writing Lessons for the Overhead: Responding to Literature .
Lola M. Schaeffer
Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent.
Barbara A. Kerr
The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning Through Movement.
T. Lengel, M. Kuczala
The Beyon d Access Model: Promoting Membership, Participation, and Learning for Students with Disabilities in the General Education Classroom .
Cheryl M. Jorgenson, Michael McSheehan, Rae M. Sonnenmeier
Pathways to Competence: Encouraging Social and Emotional Development in Young Children (2 ed.) .
Landy Sarah
Literacy Development with English Language Learners: Research - Based Instruction in Grade K - 6 .
Lori Helman
The Complete Year in Reading and Writing: Grade 4.
Laurie Pastore, Pam Allyn
8 Steps to Classroom Management Success: A Guide for Teachers of Challenging Students.
George Kapalka
Comprehension First: Inquiry into Big Ideas Using Important Questions.
Claudia Cornett
Unwrapping the Read Aloud: Making Every Read Aloud Intentional and Instructional.
Lester L. Laminack
Non - fiction Text Structures for Better Comprehension and Response for Grades 4 - 8.
Gail Sanders - Smith
Multiple Intelligences Around the World.
Jie-Qi Chen, Seana Moran, Howard Gardner
A Guide to College Writing Assessment.
Peggy O'Neill, Cindy Moore, Brian Huot
Culturally Proficient Learning Communities: Confronting Inequities Through Collaborative Curiosity.
Delores B. Lindsey, Linda D. Jungwirth, Jarvis V.N.C Pahl, Randall B. Lindsey
Little Kids Big Worries: Stress Busting Tips for Early Childhood Classrooms.
Alice Honig
Ready - to - go Comprehen sion: Twenty - One Easy Activities for Early Readers .
T. Heidger, B. Stevens
Saving State U: Why We Must Fi x Public Higher Education.
Nancy Folbre
The Power of Picture Books in Teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies.
Lynn Columba, Cathy Y. Kim, Alden J. Moe
No More “I’m Done!” Fostering Independent Writers in the Primary Grades .
Jennifer Jacobson
The Dissertation Desk Reference: The Doctoral Student’s Manual to Writing the Dissertation .
Raymond L. Calabrese
No Longer Separate Not Yet Equal: Race and Class in Elite College Admission and Campus Life .
Thomas J. Espenshade, Alexandria Walton Radford
Wounded by School: Recapturing the Joy in Learning and Standing Up to Old School Culture.
Kristen Olson
Great Ideas: Using Service - Learning & Differentiated Instruction to Help Your Students Succeed.
Pamela Gent
Pink Brain Blue Brain: How Small Differe nces Grow into Troublesome Gaps - and What We Can Do About It .
Lise Eliot
The Paraprofessional’s Handbook for Effective Support in Inclusive Classrooms.
Julie Causton-Theoharis
Curriculum Spaces: Discourse, Postmodern Theory and Educational Research.
Lisa Cary
Bring It to Class: Unpacking Pop Culture in Literacy Learning .
Margaret C Hagood, Donna E. Alvermann, Alison Heron - Hruby
Fuller's Earth: A Day with Buckminster Fuller and the Kids.
Richard J. Brenneman
Teaching Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia: Lessons from Teaching and Science.
Virginia W. Berninger, Beverly J. Wolf
Vocabul ary at the Center.
Amy Benjamin, John T. Crow
Creating the Best Literacy Block Ever: A Framework for Successfully Managing, Teaching, and Assessing in an Extended Literacy Block, Grades K – 3.
Maryann Manning, Gayle Morrison, Deborah Camp
Taking Part: Introducing Special Skills to Children PreK ~ Grade 3 .
Carteledge Gwendolyn, James Kleefeld
Using Benchmark Papers to Teach Writing with the Traits, Grades 3 - 5 .
Ruth Culham, Mike Freborg, Pat McCarty
Health E ducation: Creating S trategies for S chool and C o mmunity H ealth
Glen G. Gilbert, Robin G Sawyer, Elisa B. McNeill
Lean Higher Education: Increasing the Value and Performance of Univ ersity Processes
William K. Balzer
Creating the Best Literacy Block Ever: A Framework for Successfully Managing, Teaching, and Assessing in an Extended Literacy Block, Grades K – 3.
Maryann Manning, Gayle Morrison, Deborah Camp
The Roots of Phonics: A Historical Introduction Revised Edition.
Miriam Balmuth
Administrative Passages: Navigating the Transition from Teacher to Assistant Principal .
Denise E. Armstrong
Home, School, and Community Relations: A Guide to Working with Families
Carol. Gestwicki
Bullying Prevention for Schools: A Step - b y - Step Guide to Implementing a Successful Anti - Bullying Program .
Allan L. Beane
Representations of Technology in Science Fict ion for Young People: Control Shift (Children's Literature and Culture) (1 ed.).
N. Applebaum
Usi ng Benchmark Papers to Teach Writing with the Traits, Grades K - 2 .
Ruth Culham, Libby Jachles
Creating the Best Literacy Block Ever: A Framework for Successfully Managing, Teaching, and Assessing in an Extended Literacy Block, Grades K – 3.
Maryann Manning, Gayle Morrison, Deborah Camp
Making History Mine: Meaningful Connections for Grades 5 - 9 .
S. Cooper
The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves.
W. Brian Arthur
Mental Health in Schools: Engaging L earners, Preventing Problems, and Improving Schools.
Howard S. Adelman, Linda Taylor
Creating the Best Literacy Block Ever: A Framework for Successfully Managing, Teaching, and Assessing in an Extended Literacy Block, Grades K – 3.
Maryann Manning, Gayle Morrison, Deborah Camp
Kids, Classrooms, and Capitol Hill: A Peek inside the Walls of America's Public Schools.
Kelly Flynn
Creating the Best Literacy Block Ever: A Framework for Successfully Managing, Teaching, and Assessing in an Extended Literacy Block, Grades K – 3.
Maryann Manning, Gayle Morrison, Deborah Camp
The Digital Pencil: One-to-One Computing for Children.
Jing Lei, Paul F. Conway, Yong Zhao
Teaching the Female Brain: How Girls Learn Math and Science.
Abigail Norfleet James
Breaking the Silence; Recognizing the Social and Cultural Resources Students Bring to the Classroom.
Catherine Compton-Lilly
Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners: A Teacher's Guide to Research-Based Practices.
Nancy Cloud, Fred Genesee, Else Hamayan