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Welcome to EdRev! Education Review (ISSN: 1094-5296) publishes reviews of recent books in English, Spanish, and Portuguese covering a range of education scholarship and practice across the globe. We also publish autobiographical essays containing words of acquired wisdom from esteemed educational researchers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The journal will not be accepting new requests to review English titles for the next few months as we restructure our journal offerings.

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Featured Reviews [English]  

Acquired Wisdom   

     New! If the script doesn’t work, change the script, by Julianne C. Turner


Acquired Wisdom: a publication series to preserve and transmit the knowledge of distinguished educational researchers. Read More

Editors: Sonia Nieto, Frederick Erickson, Phil Winne

Inaugural Editors: Sigmund Tobias, J. D. Fletcher, David Berliner

Past Essays

Volume 1 (2016) (2017) (2018) 

     Gloria Ladson-Billings, When there’s no Yellow Brick Road

     Steve Graham, Through the looking glass

     Ofelia Garcia, Unblocking tapones and finding pleasant places

     Richard E. Mayer, Staying forever curious in a world of ideas

     Karen Wixson, Roads less travelled

ANPEd Livros para Resenhar 

(maio 2022)

Educação pública, estado zero: Tendências de privatização no âmbito  da nova gestão pública na Inglaterra

Maria Vieira Silva 

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Dimensões da privatização da Educação Básica no Brasil: Um diálogo com a produção acadêmica a partir de 1990

Theresa Maria de Freitas Adrião

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recent book reviews

Review of Improvement in action: Advancing quality in America’s schools
Clifford Davis, Jr.

Review of (Re)designing programs: A vision for equity-centered, clinically based teacher preparation
Abby F. Holland

Review of Career pathways for all youth: Lessons from the school-to-work movement
Brian C. Preble

Resenha do Educação e Gestão Neoliberal: a escola cooperativa de Maringá – uma experiência de charter school?
Marcos Britto Corrêa, Liliana Soares Ferreira

Review of The heart and science of teaching: Transformative applications that integrate academic and social-emotional learning
Laura Erhard Fiorenza

Review of Cultivating rural education: A people-focused approach for states
Stephen J. Handel

Review of Promoting motivation and learning in contexts: Sociocultural perspectives on educational interventions
Courtney Samuelson

Review of Teaching students about the world of work: A challenge to postsecondary educators
Margaret Mbindyo

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