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Editors: Gustavo E. Fischman, Melissa Cast-Brede, Gene V Glass 

Associate Editors (English): Rachel Bechdolt, Claudia Cervantes-Soon, Julia Martin, Jeanne Powers, Brandon Yuhas

Coordinating Editor (Portuguese): Andréa Barbosa Gouveia 

Associate Editors (Portuguese): Claudio Pinto Nunes, Maria-Beatriz Luce, Miriam Fábia Alves 

Featured Reviews [English] 

Review of SEL every day: Integrating social and emotional learning with instruction in secondary classrooms, by M. Srinivasan

Reviewed by Karen Rayner

Review of On Indian ground: The Northwest, by M. Jacob & S. RunningHawk Johnson

Part of the On Indian Ground: A Return to Indigenous Knowledge: Generating Hope, Leadership, and Sovereignty Through Education Series

Reviewed by Rae L. Tewa


Acquired Wisdom   

New! Unblocking tapones and finding pleasant places

Ofelia Garcia

Acquired Wisdom: a publication series to preserve and transmit the knowledge of distinguished educational researchers. Read More

Editors: Sonia Nieto, Frederick Erickson, Phil Winne

Inaugural Editors: Sigmund Tobias, J. D. Fletcher, David Berliner

Past Essays

Volume 1 (2016) (2017) (2018) 

Gloria Ladson-Billings, When there’s no Yellow Brick Road

Steve Graham, Through the looking glass: Reflections of a writing scholar

ANPEd Livros para Resenhar 

(julho de 2021)

A devastação do trabalho: A classe do labor na crise da pandemia

Dalila Andrade de Oliveira & Marcio Pochmann


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recent book reviews

Review of SEL every day: Integrating social and emotional learning with instruction in secondary classrooms
Karen Rayner

Review of On Indian ground: The Northwest
Rae L. Tewa

Review of Bringing innovative practices to your school: Lessons from international schools
Eric Jabal

Review of Letting go of literary whiteness: Antiracist literature instruction for white students
Cassandra Schroeder

Review of The ethics of digital literacy: Developing knowledge and skills across grade levels
Jason D. DeHart

Review of Campus uprisings: How student activists and collegiate leaders resist racism and create hope
Demeturie Toso-Lafaele Gogue, Nicholas F. Havey

Review of College made whole: Integrative learning for a divided world
Cliff McCain

Review of From dysfunction to innovation in technology: Overcoming critical infrastructure and organizational dynamics in education
Christopher Richard Dresang

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