Lessons learned from an entrepreneurial career in workforce learning

Ruth Clark


Excerpt: Life and Tradeoffs

When I returned from a three-week tour of Spain, a good friend asked: “How did you like traveling on a tour rather than on your own?” My response reflected one of my life’s lessons learned: “It was a tradeoff. From La Familia Sangrada to the local saffron farm, we were able to experience the unique wonders of Spain in a short time period. No waiting in line to get tickets. No getting lost. No unpleasant surprises. On the other hand, if you wanted to sleep in later or spend another day in a place you loved—too bad.” In short, like many of life’s decisions and paths, there were tradeoffs.

Just as there is no one set of instructional methods that are universally effective for all learners in all contexts, likewise the paths I have taken are not necessarily routes and decisions that will work best for you. [Download the full-text and read more...]

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