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Cómo elaborar Proyectos Educativos en Entornos Multiculturales.
Antonio Arenas Maestre
Mal de escuela Barcelona: Mondadori. Título original: Chagrin d´École.
Juan Ramón Jiménez Vicioso
La educación de la mirada. Sobre los sentidos de la imagen en los libros de texto.
Susana Boyadjian
Educar en la ciudadanía. Perspectivas feministas.
Belén García Cabeza
Ciudadanía y competencias básicas.
Antonio J. Moreno Verdejo
Por la escuela pública y la infancia.
Alberto Luis Gómez, Jesús Romero Morante
O Ataque Global ao Ensino, Professores e seus Sindicatos. Histórias para Resistência (original em inglês The Global Assault on Teaching, Teachers, and Their Unions: Stories for Resistance.
Suzana Feldens Schwertner
Etica profesional y posgrado en México. Valores profesionales de profesores y estudiantes.
Teresa Yurén
Reforma de la educación superior.
Armando Alcántara
La identidad en democracia.
Carlos Riádigos Mosquera
El aprendizaje basado en problemas en la enseñanza universitaria.
Margarita Iniesta
Creating Extra-Ordinary Teachers: Multiple intelligences in the classroom and beyond.
Mary Shaughnessy
Maternidades inapropiadas: La construcción de lo 'inapropiado' y sus transformaciones en cinco dispositivos pedagógicos, Buenos Aires 1920–1980.
Soledad Vázquez
Niñez, Deporte y Actividad Física: Reflexiones filosóficas sobre una relación compleja.
Maximiliano J. Ritacco
La Tecnologia para el Cambio Educativo: Reflexiones y Experiencias.
José Luis Ramírez Romero
Genealogías de la Universidad Contemporánea: sobre la ilustración, o pequeñas historias de grandes relatos.
Maximiliano E. Korstanje
Educación y Nación al Sur de la Frontera: Organizaciones Mapuche en el Umbral de Nuestra Contemporaneidad, 1880 - 1930.
Patricio R. Ortiz
Pasar por la escuela. Indígenas y procesos de escolaridad en la ciudad de México.
Gabriela Novaro
Trabajo, desarrollo, diversidad: una investigación sobre políticas y metodologías de desarrollo local con acento en la generación de empleo, trabajo e ingresos.
Clara Craviotti
Gramsci, Freire y la Formación de Personas Adultas.
José Ignacio Rivas Flores
Aprender a Aprender y a Convivir. Fundamentos Teóricos de una Estrategia Educativa para Familias Jornaleras Migrantes.
Pablo Cortés González
Novas imagens do desaprender. Uma experiência de aprender cinema entre a cinemateca e a escola.
Suzana Feldens Schwertner
Aprender a Aprender y a Convivir. Fundamentos Teóricos de una Estrategia Educativa para Familias Jornaleras Migrantes.
Teresa Yurén
Dar clase con la boca cerrada.
Alberto Luis Gómez, Jesús Romero Morante
A televisão pelo olhar das crianças.
Ilana Eleá Santiago
Filosofía con niños y jóvenes. La Comunidad de indagación a partir de los conceptos de acontecimiento y experiencia trágica.
Mariana Alvarado
Programación didáctica de primaria. Segundo nivel, tercer ciclo.
Mª Asunción Romero López
Reforma de la educación superior.
Armando Alcántara

Essay Reviews

War, what is it good for? An essay review.
Jerrie Cobb Scott
The university at the end of the last century: An essay review.
Amy Childress, A. G. Rud
Henry Giroux—Urgently necessary and necessarily urgent: An essay review.
Scott Morris
In Search of a Broader View of Education Policy: An Essay Review of Glass's Fertilizers, Pills, and Magnetic Strips.
Benjamin Levin
Beyond Politics of School Size: An Essay Review.
Daniel D. Liou
Raymond Williams and the Roots of Critical Cultural Studies in Education: An Essay Review.
Michael W. Apple
Ros Savage Neoliberalsim and Subaltern Responses: An essay Review.
Ricardo D. Rosa
An Essay Review of: Experience, body, and the spontaneous moment: A meditation upon virtuosity and its possibilities for all of us.
Donald. S. Blumenfeld-Jones
Making community through educational transformation: An essay review.
Kanna Hudson

Brief Reviews

The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within.
Edward R Tufte
TeamWork: Setting the Standard for Collaborative Teaching, Grades 5-9.
Monique Wild, Amanda Mayeaux, Kathryn Edmonds
Open Minds to Equality: A Sourcebook of Learning Activities to Affirm Diversity and Promote Equity.
Nancy Schniedewind, Ellen Davidson
A Sixty-Year Ride through the World of Education.
Rudolph H Weingartner
Spotlight on Leadership and School Change.
Nancy Walser, Caroline Chauncey
Instructional Supervision: Applying Tools and Concepts.
Sally J. Zepeda
Teaching the Selected Works of Walter Dean Myers.
Connie S. Zitlow
Transforming Schools with Technology: How Smart Use of Digital Tools Helps Achieve Six Key Education Goals.
Andrew A. Zucker
Differentiating Reading Instruction: How to Teach Reading to Meet the Needs of Each Student.
Laura Robb
Professional Development: What Works.
Sally J. Zepeda
Always at Odds? Creating Alignment between Faculty and Administrative Values.
Mary C. Wright
Raising the Grade: How High School Reform Can Save Our Youth And Our Nation.
Bob Wise
Don't Speed – Read!: 12 Steps to Smart and Sensible Fluency Instruction.
Michael F Opitz
A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning.
David H. Rose, Anne Meyer
Mathematics Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: 20 Numeracy Strategies That Engage the Brain, PreK-8.
Marcia L. Tate
Acting Lessons For Teachers: Using Performance Skills in the Classroom
Robert Tauber, Cathy Sargent Mester
Meeting the Needs of Students and Families from Poverty: A Handbook for School and Mental Health Professional.
Tania Thomas-Presswood, Donald Presswood
Managing Diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students Cultural Strengths.
Carrie Rothstein-Fisch, Elise Trumbull
Differentiation: From Planning to Practice Grades 6-12.
Rick Wormeli
Integrating the Language Arts.
David Yellin, Mary Blake-Jones, Beverly A. Devries
Classroom Assessment Scoring System: Manual Pre-K.
Robert C Pianta, Karen M La Paro, Bridget K Hamre
One Child, Two Languages: A Guide for Early Childhood Educators of Children Learning English as a Second Language.
Patton O. Tabors, Patton O.
Raising the Grade: How High School Reform Can Save Our Youth And Our Nation.
Bob Wise
Writing-Intensive: Becoming W-Faculty in a New Writing Curriculum.
Wendy Strachan
Stong Start: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum, Grades K- 2.
Kenneth W Merrell, Danielle M Parisi, Sara A Whitcomb
Teaching Students to Write Effective Essays.
Marilyn Pryle
Reframing Teacher Leadership to Improve Your School.
Douglas B. Reeves
Vocabulary Power: Lessons for Students Who Use African American Vernacular English.
Latrice M. Seal, Sharolyn D Pollard-Durodola,, Barbara R Foorman, Ashley M. Bradley
Getting it Right: Fresh Approaches to Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Correctness
Michael W. Smith, Jeffrey D Wilhelm
Reflective Teaching: Evidence-Informed Professional Practice.
Andrew Pollard
Got Grammar? Ready-to-Use Lessons and Activities That Make Grammar Fun.
Jack Umstatter
Word Play: Building Vocabulary Across Texts and Disciplines, Grades 6- 12.
Sandra R. Whitaker
When School Reform Goes Wrong
Nel Noddings
The Word-Conscious Classroom: Building the Vocabulary Readers and Writers Need.
Judith A Scott, Bonnie J. Skobel, Jan Wells
Grammar to Enrich and Enhance Writing.
Constance Weaver, Jonathan Bush
Inside The Writer's-Reader's Notebook: A Workshop Essential.
Linda Rief
Talking, Drawing, and Writing: Lessons for Our Youngest Writers.
Martha Horn, Mary Ellen Giacobbe
Learning from Latino Teachers.
Gilda L Ochoa
Ed Speak: A Glossary of Educational Terms, Phrases, Buzzwords, and Jargon.
Diane Ravitch
Teaching with Intention: Defining Beliefs, Aligning Practice, Taking Action.
Debbie Miller
Conferring with Readers: Supporting Each Student's Growth and Independence.
Jennifer Serravallo, Gravity Goldberg
Observation Techniques: Structured to Unstructured.
Bill Gillham
Effective Instruction for Struggling Readers, K-6.
Barbara M Taylor, James E Ysseldyke
SAT Bronx: Do You Know What Bronx Kids Know?
Leadership Academy 2 Students from Bronx, Shannon O'Grady, Kristin Ferrales, Kathleen Cushman
Strong Teens-Grades 9-12: A Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum
Kenneth W. Merrell
Teaching Life: Letters From A Life In Literature.
Dale Salwak
How Children Learn at Home.
Alan Thomas, Harriet Pattison
Animal-Assisted Interventions for Individuals with Autism.
Merope Pavlides
Effective Leadership Communication: A Guide for Department Chairs and Deans for Managing Difficult Situations and People.
Mary Lou Higgerson, Teddi A Joyce
Self-Instruction Pedagogy: How to Teach Self-Determined Learning.
Dennis E Mithaug, Deirdre K Mithaug, Martin Agran, James E Martin, Michael L. Wehmeyer
Teaching Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Heritage Language Students: Curriculum Needs, Materials, and Assessment
Kimi Kondo-Brown, James Dean Brown
Making it Better for Boys in Schools, Families and Communities.
Ali McClure
Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS). Manual K-3.
Robert C Pianta, Karen M La Paro, Bridget K. Hamre
Language Arts Lessons for Active Learning, Grades 3-8.
Sharon M. Fennessey
The Bag Ladies, Primary & Perfect; Seasonal & Thematic Projects for K-2 Learners.
Karen Simmons, Cindy Guinn
Childhood and Nature: Design Principles for Educators.
David Sobel
Strategic Leadership of Change in Higher Education: What's New?
Stephanie Marshall
Are We Listening? Making Sense Of Classroom Behaviour With Pupils And Parents.
Jackie Ravet
Guiding K-3 Writers to Independence: The New Essentials.
Patricia L. Scharer, Gay Su Pinnell
"A Land We Can Share": Teaching Literacy to Students with Autism.
Paula Kluth, Kelly Chandler-Olcott
Free within Ourselves: The Development of African American Children's Literature.
Rudine Sims Bishop
The New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.
Robert J. Marzano, John S Kendall
New Directions In Teaching Memoir: A Studio Workshop Approach.
Dawn Latta Kirby, Dan Kirby
It's Time for School! Building Quality ABA Educational Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Ronald Leaf, John McEachin, Mitchell Taubman
Standardized Testing Primer.
Richard P Phelps
Literacy Assessment & Intervention for K-6 Classrooms.
Beverly A. Devries
Moving Every Child Ahead: From NCLB Hype to Meaningful Educational Opportunity.
Michael Rebell, Jessica Wolff
User's Guide to the Early Language & Literacy Classroom Observation Pre- K Tool (ELLCO Pre-K).
Miriam W. Smith, Joanne P. Brady, Louisa Anastasopoulos
Teaching Reading Beyond the Primary Grades: A Blueprint for Helping Intermediate Students Develop the Skills They Need to Comprehend the Texts They Read.
Marjorie Y Lipson
Embracing Autism: Connecting And Communicating With Children In The Autism Spectrum.
Robert Parish
Widening the Circle: The Power of Inclusive Classrooms.
Mara Sapon-Shevin
Integrating Literature in the Content Areas: Enhancing Adolescent Learning & Literacy.
Sharon Kane
Alana's Advice: Where There is a Clique You've Got to Think Quick.
Alexandra Sabina Bender
Using Films in the Social Studies: World History.
Helen Joyce
Using Films in the Social Studies: Government/U.S. History.
Helen Joyce
But How Do You Teach Writing? A Simple Guide for All Teachers.
Barry Lane
School Bullying: Tools to Avoid Harm and Liability.
Mary Jo McGrath
Powerful Learning: What We Know About Teaching for Understanding.
Linda Darling-Hammond
The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal.
Jonathan Mooney
User's Guide to the Early Language & Literacy Classroom Observation, K-3 Tool.
Miriam W. Smith, Joanne P. Brady, Nancy Clark-Chiarelli
Jossey-Bass Reader on The Brain and Learning
no author no author
How to Talk About Hot Topics on Campus: From Polarization to Moral Conversation.
Robert J. Nash, LaSha DeMethra Bradley, Arthur W. Chickering
High-Impact Leadership for High Impact Schools: The Actions That Matter the Most.
Pamela S. Salazar
Exploring Idioms. A Critical-Thinking Resource For Grades 4-8.
Valeri R. Helterbran
Effective Literacy Instruction for Students with Moderate or Severe Disabilities.
Susan R Copeland, Elizabeth B Keefe
Literature is Back!: Using the Best Books for Teaching Readers and Writers Across Genres
Carol J Fuhler, Maria P Walther
Teaching Vocabulary in the K-2 Classroom: Easy Strategies for Infusing Vocabulary Learning Into Morning Meetings, Transitions, Centers, and More.
Karen Kindle
Craft Lessons: Teaching Writing K-8.
Ralph Fletcher, JoAnn Portalupi
Teaching Writing in Kindergarten: A Structured Approach to Daily Writing That Helps Every Child Become a Confident, Capable Writer.
Randee Bergen
Servants in the House of the Masters: A Social Class Primer for Educators, Helping Professionals, and Others Who Want to Change the World.
Signe M Kastberg
Baker's Dozen: Dance Recipes for Any Occasion.
Susan Reed
The Silver Bullet Easy Learning System: How To Change Classrooms Fast And Energize Students For Success.
John Jensen
The Math Teacher's Problem-A-Day, Grades 4–8: Over 180 Reproducible Pages of Quick Skill Builders.
Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla
Managing Diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students Cultural Strengths.
Carrie Rothstein-Fisch, Elise Trumbull
Educational Research and Evidence-based Practice.
Martyn Hammersley
"It's Being Done": Academic Success in Unexpected Schools.
Karin Chenoweth
Fantasy Football and Mathematics: A Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents, Grades 5 and Up
Dan Flockhart
Practical Punctuation: Lessons on Rule Making and Rule Breaking in Elementary Writing.
Dan Feigelson
Teaching Early Writing and Reading Together, Mini-lessons that Link K-2 Literacy Instruction.
Connie Campbell Dierking
Packet for Painters, What's Your Style?
Diana J. Avergon, Eugene B. Avergon
Powerful Writing Strategies for All Students.
Karen R Harris, Steve Graham, Linda H Mason, Barbara Friedlander
The Power of Diversity: New Ways of Learning and Teaching Through Learning Styles.
Barbara Prashnig
Collaborative Literacy: Using Gifted Strategies to Enrich Learning for Every Student.
E. Susan Israel, A. Dorothy Sisk, Cathy Collins Block
Exceeding The Standards: A Strategic Approach For Linking State Standards And Best Practices In Reading & Writing Instruction.
Margaret Moustafa
Just Give Him the Whale!: 20 Ways to Use Fascinations, Areas of Expertise and Strengths to Support Students with Autism..
Paula Kluth, Patrick Schwarz
Small-Scale Social Survey Methods.
Bill Gillham
Teacher's Essential Guide: Classroom Management. How to Establish Positive Discipline, Organize Your Classroom, and Manage Your Teaching Time.
Jim Burke
So to Teach: Inspiring Stories that Touch the Heart.
Kathie-Jo Arnoff
Reaching and Teaching Children Who Hurt: Strategies for Your Classroom.
Susan E. Craig
Five Standards for Effective Teaching: How to Succeed with All Learners, Grades K-8.
Stephanie Stoll Dalton
Becoming a Professional Reading Teacher.
P. G. Aaron, R. Malatesha Joshi, Diana Quatroche
Co-Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom: Successful Collaboration, Lesson Design, and Classroom Management, Grades 5- 12
Melinda L. Fattig, Tormey Maureen Taylor
Everyday Antiracism: Getting Real About Race in School.
Mica Pollock
Become a Good Reader! Six Simple Steps.
Terri Heidger, Beth Stevens
Exceeding The Standards: A Strategic Approach For Linking State Standards And Best Practices In Reading & Writing Instruction.
Margaret Moustafa
Education for a Caring Society: Classroom Relationships and Moral Action.
D. Kay Johnston
The Six Secrets of Change: What the Best Leaders Do to Help their Organizations Survive and Thrive.
Michael Fullan
Reading for Real: Teach Students to Read with Power, Intention, and Joy in K-3 Classrooms.
Kathy Collins
Less is More: Teaching Literature with Short Texts—Grades 6-12
Kimberly Hill Campbell
Defying the Odds: Class and the Pursuit of Higher Literacy.
Donna Dunbar-Odom
Do-able Differentiation: Varying Groups, Texts, and Supports to Reach Readers.
Michael F. Opitz, Michael P. Ford
Developing a Questionnaire.
Bill Gillham
Strong Kids-Grades 3-5: A Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum.
Kenneth W. Merrell
Enriching the Brain: How to Maximize Every Learner's Potential.
Eric Jensen
Differentiated Assessment for Middle and High School Classrooms.
Deborah Blaz
Whole-Class Teaching, Minilessons and More.
Janet Angelillo
Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8.
Herbert W Broda
Reading and Teaching Henry Giroux
Clar Doyle, Amarjit Singh
100 Multicultural Proverbs: Inspirational Affirmations for Educators.
Festus E. Obiakor
Breakthrough in Beginning Reading and Writing: The Evidence-Based Approach to Pinpointing Students' Needs and Delivering Targeted Instruction.
J. Richard Gentry
Teaching the Classics in the Inclusive Classroom: Reader Response Activities To Engage All Learners.
Katherine S. McKnight, Bradley P. Berlage
601 Maple Street.
Jeff Gray
Principal Accomplishments: How School Leaders Succeed.
Thomas G. Bellamy, Connie L. Fulmer, Michael J Murphy, Rodney Muth
That's a Great Answer: Teaching Literature Response to K-3, ELL, and Struggling Readers.
Nancy N. Boyles
College Knowledge: What It Really Takes for Students to Succeed and What We Can Do to Get Them Ready.
David T. Conley
Story Grammar for Elementary School: A Sentence-Composing Approach, a Student Worktext.
Don Killgallon, Jenny Killgallon
Toward Excellence With Equity: An Emerging Vision For Closing The Achievement Gap
Ronald F. Ferguson
The Teacher's Pocket Guide For Effective Classroom Management.
Timothy P. Knoster
601 Maple Street.
Jeff Gray
Educating for Democracy: Preparing Undergraduates for Responsible Political Engagement.
Anne Colby, Elizabeth Beaumont, Thomas Ehrlich, Josh Corngold
Mastering the Mechanics, Grades 4-5: Ready-to-Use Lessons for Modeled, Guided, and Independent Editing.
Linda Hoyt, Teresa Therriault
Active Word Play: Games and Activities that Build Vocabulary.
Jane Feber
Mastering the Mechanics: Ready-to-Use Lessons for Modeled, Guided, and Independent Editing Grades K-1.
Linda Hoyt, Teresa Therriault
Children are Born Mathematicians: Supporting Mathematical Development, Birth to Age 8.
Eugene Geist
Authentic Assessment For Early Childhood Intervention: Best Practices.
Stephen J Bagnato
Mastering the Mechanics, Grades 2-3: Ready-to-Use Lessons for Modeled, Guided, and Independent Editing.
Linda Hoyt, Teresa Therriault
Mathematics for Primary and Early Years: Developing Subject Knowledge
Heather Cooke
America's Unseen Kids: Teaching English Language Arts in Today's Forgotten High Schools.
Harold M. Foster, Megan Nosol
Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire: The Methods and Madness Inside Room 56.
Rafe Esquith
Rereading Fluency: Process, Practice, and Policy.
Bess Altwerger, Nancy Jordan, Nancy Rankie Shelton
Practicing the Art of Leadership: A Problem-Based Approach to Implementing the ISLLC Standards.
Reginald Leon Green
Using Picture Books to Teach Writing With the Traits: K-2. An Annotated Bibliography of More Than 150 Mentor Texts With Teacher-Tested Lessons.
Ruth Culham, Raymond Coutu
Resourceful Leadership: Tradeoffs and Tough Decisions on the Road to School Improvement.
Elizabeth A. City
Why We Teach: Learning, Laughter, Love, and the Power to Transform Lives.
Linda Alston
The Paraprofessional's Guide to the Inclusive Classroom: Working as a Team.
Mary Beth Doyle
Literacy in Grades 4-8: Best Practices for a Comprehensive Program.
Nancy Lee Cecil, Joan P. Gipe
Thinking Out Loud On Paper: The Student Daybook As A Tool To Foster Learning.
Lilian Brannon, Sally Griffin, Karen Haag, Tony Iannone, Cynthia Urbanski, Shana Woodward
Inside Words: Tools for Teaching Academic Vocabulary Grades 4- 12.
Janet Allen
The Skin That We Speak: Thoughts on Language and Culture in the Classroom.
Lisa Delpit, Joanne K. Dowdy
Teacher's Essential Guide: Effective Instruction.
Jim Burke
Data Wise in Action: Stories of Schools Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning.
Kathryn Parker Boudett, Jennifer L. Steele
Fires in the Middle School Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from Middle Schoolers.
Kathleen Cushman, Laura Rogers
Formative Assessment for English Language Arts: A Guide for Middle and High School Teachers.
Amy Benjamin
Grammar Study: Helping Students Get What Grammar Is and How It Works: Units of Study, Mentor Texts, Curricular Calendars.
Janet Angelillo
Inside the Writing Traits Classroom K-2 Lessons on DVD.
Ruth Culham
Nonfiction Comprehension Cliffhangers: 15 High-Interest, True Stories That Invite Students to Infer, Visualize, and Summarize to Predict the Ending of Each Story.
Tom Conklin
Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns.
Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn, Curtis W. Johnson
What Makes A Good School Now?
Tim Brighouse, David Woods
The Power of Repeated Reading in Small Group Instruction.
Wendie Bramwell, Brooke Graham Doyle