Review of A guide to how your child learns: Understanding the brain from infancy to young adulthood

Jessica Platt

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A Guide to How Your Child Learns: Understanding the Brain from Infancy to Young Adulthood

Author: David P. Sortino
Abstract: To create a better learning brain, students must be organized, adaptive, passionate, and secure about learning. Research and follow-up studies of these traits with theoretical knowledge, may suggest why multiple intelligence, child development theory, learning styles, and cognitive development should be included in every teacher’s playbook. 
magical child (fantasy and imagination), while expecting students to successfully transition to school learning, regardless of their ability or interest level. 
Walk into any school and observe the writing or artwork on the school’s walls and you will see an incredible mixture of abilities and imagination. This mixture could be a barometer of your child’s learning abilities and actual school success.
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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