Review of The personality of math: A key to learning and teaching math


  • David Fowler University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Author Biography

David Fowler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

David Fowler is an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UN-L). He has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Harvard College (1962) and PhD from UN-L in mathematics education and instructional technology (1991). His primary interests are in finding uses for emerging technologies in mathematics education, especially with the application Mathematica, developed by Wolfram Research, Inc. He has been a Wolfram Visiting Scholar at the WRI campus and was Editor-in-Chief of the journal Mathematica in Education and Research (Springer Verlag) from 1998 to 2002. At UN-L he was chair or co-chair for 19 doctoral students and 74 master’s students in mathematics or technology education. In 2011, he received the Milton Beckman Lifetime Achievement Award for Advancement of Mathematics Education from the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics.


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