about Acquired Wisdom

A publication series that preserves and transmits knowledge and skills obtained through experience by distinguished educational researchers

Current Editors: Frederick Erickson, Stacey J. Lee

Inaugural Editors: S. Tobias, J. D. Fletcher, D. C. Berliner

Former Editors: Sonia Nieto, Phil Winne

This collection began with an invitation to one of the anaugural editors, Sigmund Tobias, from Norman Shapiro, a former colleague at the City College of New York (CCNY). Shapiro invited retired CCNY faculty members to prepare manuscripts describing what they learned during their college careers that could be of value to new appointeees and former colleagues. It seemed to us that a project describing the experience of internationally known and distinguished reseachers in Educational Psychology and Educational Research would be of benefit to many colleagues, especially younger ones entering those disciplines. We included senior scholars in the fields of adult learning and training because, although often neglected by educational researchers, their work is quite relevant to our fields and graduate students could find productive and gainful positions in that area.

Junior faculty and grad students in Educational Psychology, Educational Research, and related disciplines, could learn much from the experiences of senior researchers. Doctoral students are exposed to courses or seminars about history of the discipline as well as the field’s overarching purposes and its important contributors. We suggest to the organizers of these courses or seminars that the Acquired Wisdom series would be an excellent resource for these experiences.

A second audience for this project are the practitioners and researchers in disciplines represented by the chapter authors. This audience could learn from the experiences of eminent researchers -how their experiences shaped their work, and what they see as their major contributions - and readers might relate their own work to that of the scholars. Authors were advised that they were free to organize their chapters as they saw fit, provided that their manuscripts contained these elements:

1) their perceived major contributions to the discipline,

2) major lessons learned during their careers,

3) their opinions about the personal and situational factors (institutions and other affiliations, colleagues, advisors, and advisees) that stimulated their significant work.

Authors for the project were , and continue to be, selected with the consultation of the Advisory Board. We hope that the contributions of distinguished researchers receive the wide readership they deserve and serves as a resource to the future practitioners and researchers in these fields.

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